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Mega-polisteel is that fastest tank to be installed in few hours simply and heavy duty application product.

Wherever there is a need for practical, robust and affordable storage tank solutions, we have the ideal answer to fit that requirement. Our technical expertise and innovative products technology are applied to solving diverse problems of climate and location.We’re also ready to provide proven emergency solutions for those affected disasters strike, whether from climate or conflict, for communities who suddenly have urgent, basic needs in challenging environments.

Mega-polisteel Tanks is available in different liner technology from Butyl Rubber, EPDM and PVC with different thickness and specifications depending on the type of application.

Mega-polisteel tank comprises curved corrugated sheets of galvanized steel, bolted together to form a circle.

A watertight membrane is tailored to fit each tank to provide an economic and relatively strong method of storing water.

Megao-polisteel Tanks start from Diameters 2.74 meters to 29.26 meters and Volumes from 4.5m3 to 2000m3.

Mega-polisteel designs its tanks to give a minimum safety margin in excess of 40% in accordance with BS 5950, BS 8110 and BS 8007.

The steel itself is to BS2989:1982 and is galvanized with lead free zinc to 275g/m2 in accordance with BS EN 10142.

The nuts and bolts are to BS4183:1967 and coated to

For water storage tanks up to 14.63 meters (48’) diameter the roof has been designed to current British Standards and UK regulations regarding wind and snow loadings. (BS 5950, BS 5502 and CP.3 chapter 5)