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believers of useful art ``Novel Technologies``


  • KABTECH focuses on identifying deep green value investment opportunities in novel technologies industries where the Managing Partners have subject matter expertise.
  • KABTECH invests in start-ups and lower-middle market companies that typically exhibit some degree of complexity to the business or transaction and are cash flow positive.
  • KABTECH’s strategy is to make investments that have attractive asset value or structural protections or create the potential to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns.



  • KABTECH  supports the investment team with financial and operational due diligence, portfolio company oversight, value creation through operational optimization and crisis management if needed.
  • KABTECH partner’s with stakeholders to provide expertise and access to an extensive network of functional specialists to achieve shared success with portfolio company management teams.
  • KABTECH seeks to maximize enterprise value by using our extensive experience in guiding restructuring activities, focusing on corporate development, driving operational improvements, and managing the broad range of challenges faced by public and private companies.
  • KABTECH’s goal is to promote a positive team culture to build highly productive relationships between fund professionals and portfolio companies.