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Masters is a subsidiary of Al-Amir Group that has been actively operating in the Egyptian and North Africa territory for more than ten years.

Masters is one of the strong arms of Al-Amir Group formed under a joint stock specialized in manufacturing PPR piping systems for water and waste usage.

MASTERS PPR pipes & fittings, which are made of polypropylene Random Copolymer (Type3) and resistant to chemical substances, are used in sanitary installations in hot and cold fluid transfers.

PPR pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the standards of TS EN ISO 15874 TS 11451 – DIN 8077 – DIN 8078 have long lifespan.They are the best choice for cold-hot fluid transfer and radiator installation as they have high resistance for high temperature and pressure.

As a leader in the industry of manufacturing PPR Pipes and fittings, Masters is committed to provide the highest Quality products with the most competitive prices, Masters is committed to supplying quality products and services that will exceed your expectations.

Our skilled employees will listen, analyze and make specific recommendations to help you get the most of our products.

Running one of the most advanced production facilities in the middle east, all of the products stand up to the German and international standards, accordingly Masters provide a 50 years life time warranty for its superior products.

Masters highly skilled and motivated employees are being trained to be the best in the field and to provide the best in the products lines.